Very good article on how BI works in 2014


I found that article recently and I found it interesting. It describes how IT and business interact together. Also, it points out how new technologies like in memory models in spreadsheets (read PowerPivot) should be used. I presented many times on PowerPivot and, being a data warehouse (back end) specialist, this article resume pretty much my thoughts on how the new end user tools should be used.

I use a strategy similar to the one outlined in the article with some of my clients and it works very well. It allow me to deliver data quickly to the users and once they see their data, it’s easier to extract requirements or stories from them. They are able to better show us what they want. And, we can deliver their data in a snap, knowing that this is not the final solution. At least, we can work on integrating the data they will use and we can let them prototype with data that they are not sure to use at the end of the day.

Hope you’ll find the article interesting as much as me!


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