Power Pivot 2.0 drill through issues resolved

I've been working with Power Pivot quite a bit lately and I encountered the following drill through problems:

The LocaleIdentifier property is not overwriteable and cannot be assigned a new value 

That error only happened when my users tried to use a PowerPivot Excel workbook that I created for them. On my workstation, it worked just fine. The problem was that my OS regional settings are different than those of my users. Mine are Englidh US and my ciustomers are set to French Canada. So, the problem is the dot (.) vs the comma (,) difference in the decimal separator.

When I imported my users flat files in PowerPivot , I did not clicked on the advanced button that would have allow me to set the language settings in which I would like to import the files. So, I had three solutions:

  1. Change the OS regional settings of my users: since their regional policies are based on a corporate policy, which was not an option.
  2. Change the decimal delimiter of my user's computer: for the same reason stated above, that was not an option too.
  3. Re-Import the files using the correct language: that`s what I did. Fortunately, I had only 2 small flat files, it took me few minutes to do it but if I had many more files, I would have been in trouble.

Only 1000 lines are showing in the drill through results

My users wanted to see more than 1000 rows while drilling though their Power Pivot table. Resolving that issue was very simple: l went in the connection's properties and changed the value to whatever was needed

So, that's it for today. I hope those tips will help you some day.

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