Montreal SQL Server user group BI objectives

As new SQL Server co-leader of this user group, here are some of my goals I would like to achieve.

  1. I would like that the BI community better know and understand the Microsoft BI Suite. There are a lot of good BI people out there that doesn't recognize Msft as a major player in the BI field due to the fact that they don't have sufficient knowledge of the various products included in the suite.
  2. Give the Microsoft community a better knowledge or understanding of what is business intelligence and why using it.
  3. Create or promote some kind of synergy around BI and Microsoft developpers communities. Having this will get a lot of enthusiasm that will help promoting the BI suite. This may lead to new business opportunities that could be fulfilled by a combination of people from both communities.

I may be wrong when I say that the BI community and Microsoft SQL Server don't know each other tools very well. I know several SQL or .Net developpers that know and use Microsoft BI tools. I don't know if I will be able to achieve these objectives completely or some part of it but I'll give it a try :-). There are 3 BI meetings this season at Montreal SQL user group, so I will use them at best to make Microsoft BI better known.


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