Montreal Code Camp – WOW!

I am writing this article on my way back returning from Montreal Code Camp. This event was held today (May 30, 2009). It has been, IMHO, a complete success! There were great presenters and I found the concept behind the various presentations: 40 minutes each. Since presenters do not have to dig a lot into their subject, I think that it allowed more sessions and provided insights on new technologies. This was a bit frustrating for us, speakers because usually our presentations are made for 75-90 minutes sessions. We had to cut corners and adjust our presentations.

I have been lucky to present at 8:30 AM so I had the whole day to enjoy all other presentations. One of them was particular: how to optimize our reading speed by Mathieu Tanguay. This one was I think very well appreciated by attendees. That said, all presentations I attended were very well done.

Vancouver DevTeach is next on my schedule! I have to refine and optimize my presentations for this event. I'll update this blog while being there for sure!


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