Devteach/SQLTeach conference: fantastic training opportunity

Last week, I had the chance to present at DevTeach/SQLTeach in Montreal. My presentation was on deployment and  testing of a database project using Visual Studio Team System for Database Professional (VSTS4DBP). It went well and I think that several attendees learned how powerful VSTS4DBP can be. It was a level 300 session but I personally think that it could have been rated level 400 session.

I attended several one-two days conferences in the past but nothing surpasses the level of learning opportunity like DevTeach/SQLTeach. Three days there worth lot more than three single days conferences that we can attend at product launch for example. There are many session hat cover a wide range of technologies. The ratio attendee/speaker is very low compared to other conferences like PDC, Tech-Ed, etc. Most of the time, the speaker is always available for questions or discussions even after its scheduled session. In short, DevTeach/SQLTeach is lke three full days of training with skilled speakers that present products used in real life situation.

Its worth mentioning that the DevTeach party was very fun too! 🙂

Hope to see you at future DevTeach/SQLTeach conferences whether it would be in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver!

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  1. I was just wondering is there any chance that a Devteach/SQLTeach conference might find it’s way online..I mean is there any chance of streaming or at least recording it and putting it online for download!?


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